Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do albums sales count on Hanteo and Gaon charts?

    Absolutely! We only buy from authorized wholesale companies in Korea which means each of our individual albums that are purchased by us count as an individual sale.

  2. How are prices determined for albums and merch?

    We purchase all items in US dollars. Each purchase is then calculated by Pakistan's customs with a tax which is also in USD. We then convert the price into PKR on the day the item clears customs. Official products are often more expensive than unofficial items.

  3. Are your albums official?

    Yes. We do not sell unofficial albums. We do not endorse ripping off an artists hard work when it comes to album sales.

  4. Can I make a request for an albums?

    Sure! Feel free to use the "contact us" page to get in touch with us. Imports are currently taking anywhere from 1 to 3 months to arrive and clear customs in Pakistan.

  5. Do I have to prepay for preorders?

    We do not currently require preorders of any type. We personally pay for all new albums and list them on the site once they arrive in Pakistan. We only require prepayment for special limited edition merchandise.

  6. Is all your merch official?

    Great question! Only items labeled "official" are official merchandise from their respective groups. If the item is labeled "unofficial" it is most likely Made in China or fanmade.

  1. Are your products original and authentic?

    Absolutely! We do not deal in "first copies" or fake makeup because we do not believe in taking a risk when it comes to one's beauty. We source all of our makeup and products ourselves.

  2. How are your products sourced?

    We have a unique system in which our acquisitions teams are sent around the world to hand select and pick up the latest beauty items from across the globe. We do not compromise on authenticity and quality.

  3. Can I make a request for a makeup product?

    Yes you can! Feel free to get in touch with us through our "contact us" page.

  4. How are prices determined for beauty products?

    Beauty product imports in Pakistan are subject to strict taxing protocols. On average we pay anywhere from 75% to 100% of the value of the item in taxes. This is reflected in the items price. If a product is $10 in the US, it will be subjected to an additional $7-10 in taxes upon arrival in Pakistan.

  1. Are your snacks halal?

    Yes, yes, yes! We make sure to only import halal items so we do not upset the religious traditions of Pakistan. All items are halal since we inspect the ingredients for each item before import. Some items MAY contain seafood, so if you cannot eat seafood according to your beliefs, we recommend staying away from those items. We try to label the items that have seafood in them for your convenience.

  2. Where do you source your snacks?

    Korea and Japan predominately!

  3. Can we make suggestions for the next shipment?

    Absolutely! We run on suggestions and do everything in our power to import requests first.